Among Thieves

The Twisting Halls

The party follow Aruk’s tracking to the mouth of a cave, hidden behind bushes.
Inside, they are met with more Goblins, standing guard. These ones are tougher than the grunts that attacked the wagon, a fact that’s not helped by the presence of a shaman and a guard drake.
Bear takes on the guard drake and the two quickly descend into a roiling flurry of teeth and claws.
Zykos and Aruk take on the other two guards, dispatching them with some difficulty. Bear picks himself up, bloodied, and stands over the corpse of the drake.
As the shaman realizes that the fight is lost, his flees with a long squawk.

The party continue deeper into the dungeon, and come across a small band of Kobolds. Zykos takes point and dispatches the first few without difficulty. Their leader tries to reason with the party, but Bear and Aruk finish off any survivors before continuing.

The next room houses a young White Dragon. The beast has turned the room into its own sub-zero treasure trove, and sits atop it, looking expectantly at the adventurers.
Zykos, being the charming Drow he is, decides to do the talking.
It doesn’t take long to realize that this Dragon is extremely sensitive and is looking for the least excuse to attack.
“Speaking of help. how did you get in here without my followers finding you first?”
The party looks at each other sheepishly and Zykos changes the subject.
The Dragon tells the party that “it’s lair” was once a temple built by Minotaurs. Of late though, a Human wizard has taken up residence deeper in the temple, and has attracted all sorts – Goblins, Drakes, even raising some undead for his own needs. The dragon might allow to party to live if they could…rectify the situation.
The adventurers quickly agree and leave, breathing a collective sigh of relief.



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