Among Thieves

The Story So Far...

A merchant’s wagon, carrying two hitch-hikers is slowly making its way to Fallcrest, when it is suddenly attacked by a band of Goblins. The merchant, a Dwarf by the name of Traevus, takes cover under the wagon as the two travelers react in their own ways.
One is a hulking Half-Orc, who jumps down from the wagon with a thud, brandishing a club that seems to be a year’s growth from being a tree trunk. A huge bear shimmers into existence near him, and the pair begin setting about them, one pounding unlucky Goblins into paste, the other tearing their throats out.
The other traveller, a Drow, looks around frustratedly, and reaches under his traveling cloak. All of a sudden, a darkness seems to descend on the wagon, one that moves slowly around the skirmish. Where a Goblin passes through this cloud, what’s left behind is a corpse with incisions of surgical precision, pierced eyeballs, slit throats, or puncture wounds at the temples, or hearts.
It doesn’t take long before the Goblins realize that they’ve attacked the wrong wagon, and they break and flee.
The pair check on the Dwarf and make their introductions. The Half-Orc’s name is Aruk. The bear’s name is Bear. Obviously.
The Drow bows with a flourish and introduces himself as Zykos Tzul.
The Dwarf is grateful for the help, but when he realizes the Goblins have made off with a particular chest, a stream of swear words follows that sends flocks of birds streaming from nearby trees, and causes to bear to look slightly embarrassed.
Traevus offers to pay handsomely if the trio can recover his chest. No strings attached, no questions asked.
After some searching of Goblin bodies, and Bear having a light snack, Aruk finally picks up a trail heading Southwest, into the Moon Hills.
The party sets off…



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